Play Open, followed by Sponsor (if available), then chose between the :60 second version or the Show with Song.  Please allow time for Show with Song, as it is obviously longer than the :60 Second Show.


Below is the featured Beatle song for the Show with Song.  The Daily Song is not downloadable.  It is "built in" with the show.

* Title of download notates date to air.  Example: 06-01 would run June 1st.*
For this demo page, only three days are available to sample.

Day Teaser/Opener Sponsor :60 Second Show Show with Song Daily Song
Monday 11-02 Tease n/a 11-02 Short 11-02 Long Eleanor Rigby
Tuesday 11-03 Tease n/a 11-03 Short 11-03 Long Michelle
Wednesday 11-04 Tease n/a 11-04 Short 11-04 Long Twist & Shout (live)
Thursday 11-05 Tease n/a 11-05 Short 11-05 Long You (George)
Friday 11-06 Tease n/a 11-06 Short 11-06 Long I'm Looking Through You
Saturday 11-07 Tease n/a 11-07 Short 11-07 Long A Hard Day's Night
Sunday 11-08 Tease n/a 11-08 Short 11-08 Long Think For Yourself
Monday 11-09 Tease n/a 11-09 Short 11-09 Long What Goes On
Tuesday 11-10 Tease n/a 11-10 Short 11-10 Long The Word
Wednesday 11-11 Tease n/a 11-11 Short 11-11 Long You Won't See Me
Thursday 11-12 Tease n/a 11-12 Short 11-12 Long Long Tall Sally
Friday 11-13 Tease n/a 11-13 Short 11-13 Long Imagine (John)
Saturday 11-14 Tease n/a 11-14 Short 11-14 Long I'm A Loser
Sunday 11-15 Tease n/a 11-15 Short 11-15 Long Goodnight Vienna (Ringo)
Monday 11-16 Tease n/a 11-16 Short 11-16 Long Wonderful Xmastime (Paul)
Tuesday 11-17 Tease n/a 11-17 Short 11-17 Long Across The Universe